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Immortal Sociopaths Live-Action Roleplaying Troupe

Dance, Rabbits, Dance

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"We are not concerned," he said, "with long-winded creations, with long-term beings. Our creatures will not be heroes of romances in many volumes. Their roles will be short, concise; their characters -- without a background. Sometimes, for one gesture, for one word alone, we shall make the effort to bring them to life. We openly admit: we shall not insist either on durability or solidity of workmanship; our creations will be temporary, to serve for a single occasion. If they be human beings, we shall give them, for example, only one profile, one hand, one leg, the one limb needed for their role. It would be pedantic to bother about the other, unnecessary, leg. Their backs can be made of canvas or simply whitewashed. We shall have this proud slogan as our aim: a different actor for every gesture ..."

-- Bruno Schulz, "The Tailor Dummies"

This is the home community for the Immortal Sociopaths Live-Action Roleplaying Troupe.

Our nefarious schemes currently call for the running of numerous LARP events in and around the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Our events tend to fall into three categories:
  1. dream-logic phantasies of maneuvering and betrayal;
  2. real-world dramas, both modern and historical, tiny portraits of misery;
  3. thoughtful entertainments based on re-envisionings of existent properties (read: fanLARPS).
Yes, we ARE this pretentious.

The welcome message for this community may be found here.

Look to this space for information about our upcoming games and other events.